What is a data logger and how to use it?

What is a Data Logger?

How to use it?

Data Logger or data loggers are commonly known as many names such as, Temperature Logger, Temperature recorder or Temperature Data Logger.

Data loggers are used for many applications. We have data loggers that are used to record countless of data which includes Temperature, Temperature and Humidity, Voltage, Current, Carbon Monoxide, Cold Chain and Vaccine Monitoring.

In short, Datalogger are seen as a stand-alone tool or device that can read various types of electrical signals and store data for later transfer to a computer. You can later view these data through a software which allows you to export the data as well.

DL Technology Pte Ltd Singapore provides a wide range of Data Loggers.

An Introduction to Data Loggers

Our Range of Data Loggers

Wireless Temp & RH

Wifi LCD Temp & RH

Wifi Temp & RH Sensors

LCD Data Loggers

Bluetooth Data Logger

Cold Chain Data Loggers

Low Cost Data Loggers

USB Data Loggers



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