Handheld Digital Brix Refractometer

Our Smart Digital Sugar, Brix Refractometer combines refined measuring technology with friendly control.

This Sugar, Brix Pocket Refractometer will provide the user with accurate readings and has a durable body enough to be reliable in busy foodservice, yet the simple controls and elegant design also attract non-commercial users.

The Pocket Brix Refractometer would also allow users to test the concentration of sugar or brix. Simply place a small sample of the sugary substance on the refractometer. The refractometer would then show a reading of the sugar concentration in the substance. Users would find the process of collecting the data of substances easier and more convenient.

Get your Suger measurement with our Smart Digital Refractometer.

Brix Refractometer


Made of Zinc Alloy Material Precision Glass Prism at the Bottom

Backlit Display, Making it Easy to Read 

Waterproof Protection Level JIC-C09205 Level

Drop the Sample into the Sample Tank and Click Start

Our Brix Refractometer

Model Brix Refractometer
RangeBrix 0.0 ~ 53.0%
ResolutionBrix 0.1%
AccuracyBrix ±0.2%
Temperature Range10 ~ 75℃
Data StorageUp to 20
Usage Environment10 ~ 40 ℃
Idle Sample Volume0.3ml
Water resistant (splash proof)Yes

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