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What is

Temperature Calibration

Humidity and temperature calibration is a process designed to verify and adjust the accuracy of instruments that measure temperature and humidity. This humidity or temperature calibration ensures that these instruments provide reliable and precise readings, which is crucial for various applications in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, food storage, and environmental monitoring.

During the calibration process, the instrument under consideration (e.g., a thermometer, humidity sensor, or data logger) is compared against a reference standard of known accuracy. Any discrepancies or deviations in measurements are identified, and adjustments are made to bring the instrument’s readings in line with the reference standard.

Temperature calibration involves testing the instrument’s ability to accurately measure temperature under different conditions, such as various temperature points and ranges. Similarly, humidity calibration assesses the accuracy of instruments measuring relative humidity, ensuring they provide correct readings in different humidity levels.

Regular calibration is essential to maintaining the accuracy of these instruments over time, as environmental factors, wear and tear, and other variables can impact their performance. Calibration certificates issued after the process provide documented evidence of an instrument’s accuracy, meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements. This, in turn, ensures the reliability of temperature and humidity data collected for critical processes and decision-making.

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At DL Technology, we elevate the accuracy of your temperature and humidity instruments through our SINGLAS-accredited calibration services. In collaboration with our trusted partner lab, we calibrate a variety of equipment, including data loggers, temperature sensors, thermometers, and more. Our expert team ensures precise measurements, providing an essential calibration service for your instruments. Rely on us and our partnered lab for meticulous calibration solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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