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Testo 160 : The Perfect WiFi Monitoring System

Each person has his/her own personal feel-good temperature – and most objects in museums and archives do too. But unlike us, paintings, sculptures, or antique books cannot adapt and always depend on establishing the appropriate ambient climate.

The monitoring system Testo 160 supports you in protecting works of art from mold, bleaching, corrosion, or distortion, comprehensively and at the same time unobtrusively.

The Challange

Works of art are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in the ambient conditions in the rooms in which they are exhibited or stored.

  • Monitor indoor climate, light irradiation, and air quality wherever they have an influence on the condition – and therefore the value – of exhibits
  • Ensure a pleasant climate in exhibition rooms for visitors and staff

The Solution

With the monitoring system testo 160, you monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation and CO₂ concentration automatically, unobtrusively and without interruption.

  • Small dimensions, individually designable housing cover
  • Individual alarm functions (e-mail & SMS)
  • Low effort required for installation and operation
  • Measurement value transfer by wireless LAN to the Cloud store


Into the Testo Cloud with Wi-Fi

Compact professional article on the most important standards for online data storage.

  • Benefits of cloud solutions
  • Recommendations for safety measures

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In Exhibition Areas

Here, the instruments need to be unobtrusive, be able to be fixed securely, and enable permanent monitoring of the indoor climate via a display. These latter completely assume the function of thermo-hygrographs.

In order to fulfill the most stringent design requirements for the exhibition area, ideally the instruments need to be “invisible”. Here, limitations are often placed on the “misused” instrument: Many data loggers are completely unsuitable for a museum environment due to their technical design.

Temperature and Humidity

Long Term Data Loggers

Testo 160 TH

Testo 160 TH

For Temperature and Humidity

Testo 160 THE

Testo 160 THE

For Temperature, Humidity, Lux and UV

Testo 160 THL

Testo 160 THL

For Temperature, Humidity, Lux and UV with Internal Probes

Testo 160 E

Testo 160 E

For External Probes

Testo 160 IAQ

Testo 160 IAQ

For Indoor Air Quality

Special Features of Testo 160

Inconspicuous, Comprehensive and Everywhere

Customised Covers

Blend into the background

  • Simply fit it onto the logger
  • Deco-cover can be painted or decorated
  • Loggers remain in the background, full attention is on your works/artifacts

Connectable External Probes

Monitoring in glass display cases

  • Ideal for glass display cases in which a logger cannot be placed
  • Sensors for °C, %RH, Lux, mW/m2
  • Also for air-conditioned cases

Testo Cloud

Everything in view all the time

  • Simply transfer measurement values by wireless LAN to the online store
  • Call up data at any time
  • Via normal browser

Alarm Functions

Always on guard

  • Immediate alarm notification by SMS and/or e-mail
  • Separate alarm for light intensity

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