Handheld Digital

Coffee Refractometer

DL-TEC offers a Smart Digital Coffee Refractometer that combines advanced measurement technology with user-friendly controls to make coffee concentration experimentation easy and effortless.

Our Pocket Coffee Refractometer is designed to provide accurate readings and withstand the demands of busy food service, while also featuring a sleek and simple design that appeals to non-commercial users.

With our Coffee Refractometer, users can easily experiment with different concentration levels of coffee by placing a small sample on the device and getting an instant reading.

Our Digital Coffee Refractometer is suitable for coffee baristas in cafes and high-end hotels, as well as anyone looking to experiment with coffee, as it is easy to use. Get your SugarSalt, Alcohol, and Coffee measurements with our Smart Digital Refractometer.

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Alcohol Refractometer



Drop 0.3ml of purified water to ensure that the reading is 0%. This will allow the users to know if there are any errors in the coffee refractometer.


After calibration is done, drop at least 2/3 of test coffee sample into the sample tank to get an accurate reading.


Once the drop of coffee sample has been placed into the magnifying glass, press “measure” to measure the concentration of coffee. The result will then be displayed on the display.

Durable and Sturdy

The Handheld Digital Coffee Refractometer is built to last. Its high-quality construction is resistant to corrosion and damage, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Our Coffee Refractometer

Model PAL-C
Coffee TDS Concentration0-25%TDS (SO2)
Coffee TDS Resolution0.01
Coffee TDS Accuracy± 0.2%
Coffee Sugar Brix Range0-30% Brix (SO1)
Coffee Sugar Brix Resolution0.01%
Coffee Sugar Brix Accuracy± 0.2%
Coffee Refractive Index1.3330―1.4200nD(SO3)
Ambient temperature10-100°C
Measurement Time:~1.5s
Enclosure RatingIP65

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