Cold Chain Data Loggers

Cold Chain Data Loggers

EasyLog EL-CC data loggers provide cost-effective, multi-use loggers for three stages of the Cold Chain process – Chilled Goods, Frozen Goods and Ripening Goods. Simply press an on-board button to start logging. Status LEDs indicate whether the unit is currently in logging mode, an alarm has been set during the session or the battery is low. Download data by inserting the logger into a PC or laptop USB port to view a graph of the logging session on CSV format, or generate a PDF. 

 Easy Log CC Software 

The simple-to-use software allows you to view the data graphically, in a table or export it in various formats for use in further reporting. Download the latest version of the software free of charge from the downloads page

 The CC Range

CC-1 – Chilled Goods 

CC-1 – Frozen Goods 

CC-1 – Ripening Goods 

CC-2 – Chilled Goods 

CC-2 – Frozen Goods 

CC-2 – Ripening Goods 

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