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Measuring ambient temperature, humidity and pressure. EL – SIE temperature and humidity data logger with display stores over 1,000,000 readings inside its sleek metal housing. Advanced new alarm options ensure you will never miss a crucial event. Viewing logged data on PC or mac has never been easier, with no installation of any software needed. Integration with EasyLog Cloud allows sharing, analysis and storage of your valuable data. EL SIE Temperature and Humidity data logger with display has evolved how data logging works.

How does EL-SIE Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Data Logger with display works?

  • No Software required
  • Simple setup and custom configuration of any logger
  • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • Has Alarm

Brief description of our new EL SIE Data Logger with Display

Monitor the environment you live and work in with our new Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Data Logger with Display, EL-SIE, a breakthrough product that sets a new standard for USB data logging. The EL-SIE data logger range includes models that measure ambient temperature, humidity and pressure and each can store over 1 million readings inside their sleek but tough metal casing. EL-SIE data logger uses standard AAA batteries and typical battery life is over 1 year.

Range of Data Loggers

EL-SIE-1 (Data Logger)

Temperature Data Logger with Display

EL-SIE-1+ (Data Logger with Display)

High-accuracy temperature data logger with display

EL-SIE-2 (Data Logger with Display)

Temperature and humidity data logger with display

EL-SIE-2+ (Data Logger with Display)

High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity USB data logger

EL-SIE-6+ (Data Logger with Display)

Temperature, humidity, and pressure data logger with display.



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