Wifi Temperature & RH Sensors


Why use WiFi data logging sensors?
If you use an EL-WiFi data logging sensor you can configure it to send you a stream of data at regular intervals to suit your requirements.  This means that once the sensor is set-up and configured to your WiFi network you can leave it exactly where you want it, within range of your router, so that you can monitor the data from your PC rather than having to visit the sensor and retrieve the data yourself.Our range of EL-WiFi sensors will connect to any WiFi network, be it in your home, garden or business.  Any product that calls itself ‘WiFi’ must comply to the IEEE 802.11 standards that govern wireless networking transmission methods.  Our sensors are 802.11b compliant.EL-WiFi sensors are superior to other products that are only wireless.  A wireless device will only communicate with its base unit.  WiFi products communicate with any WiFi router available worldwide.

The EL-WiFi Range
Our range of WiFi sensors currently allows you to monitor temperature and humidity but the range is growing and will soon include sensors with probes to increase the measurable temperature range and email and text alert capabilities.  The EL-WiFi-TH measures temperature & humidity and the EL-WiFi-TP measures temperature with an external probe both are available now.

What makes EL-Sensors different?
Excellent value for money – with low starting prices
Easy to use FREE software – most companies say their software is easy but ours really is.  If you have a WiFi router and know the password you’ll be able to set-up and use our sensors.
Robust design – we think our products look and feel better than anything else on the market.  They are also considerably more durable than competitor products and have been vigorously tested to meet the highest standards.
LCD – not many WiFi sensors have an LCD.  We think it’s useful being able to read data straight off the sensor as well as via the software.
Range – our sensors have a unique range detection method built into the LCD display so you can see if you have moved the unit out of range of the router.
Rechargeable – all other sensors have a limited battery life.  Our sensors have a rechargeable battery so can be used again and again for many years.

Temperature and humidity data acquisition and monitoring can be applied to various industries including: building monitoring, server room monitoring, energy usage, HVAC, agriculture, horticulture and environmental studies. Sensors can be used across the food industry from manufacturing and storage to distribution and retail. Other sensitive products that require guaranteed environments include medical vaccines, historical artifacts and wine.

                                 BASIC NETWORK

                               EXTENDED NETWORK

  • Simple wizard-based setup and download allows custom configuration of any sensor
  • Free software supplied with each EL-WiFi Sensor
  • Download data in CSV format to view as a graph or export to Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP (including 64 bit).

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