Temperature and Humidity Solution for Caterers

August 12, 2022by Ryan Ong

WiFi: Chef’s Magic Ingredient

Temperature and humidity solution with Royal Oak Catering

During our summer BBQ at our local watering hole The Royal Oak in the picturesque New Forest we got to talk to the Head Chef about our range of EL-WiFi temperature and humidity solution. Within minutes the management was convinced and within days they’d purchased and installed our Temperature and Humidity sensors (EL-WIFI-TP and EL-WIFI-TH) in the dry store, refrigeration and freezer areas.

All food businesses need to comply with HACCP food safety regulations. One key element of this is proof of due diligence, so it’s essential to have an accurate system to monitor your handling, preparation, and food storage temperatures/

Temperature and Humidity Solution

Pub Manager Richard Bird explained that recording temperatures manually means there’s a risk of human error and that due to the pressures of the job, temperatures aren’t taken as regularly as they would be in an ideal world. Richard realized that setting up the EL-WiFi sensors in all the food-related areas of the premises would enable him to meet all the HACCP regulations as well as provide him with useful data and peace of mind that the job had been done.

Of course, it is also important that food is kept at the right temperatures en route from the pub to the members’ homes. Our low-cost cold chain loggers are placed in containers that have LED alarms to warn the driver if the temperature exceeds the thresholds. A custom low and high alarm was created for this purpose ensuring that the food is still hot when it arrives at its destination. Both solutions ensure regulations of the HACCP are met giving everyone peace of mind and satisfied customers!


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